A book report on Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman
A long list of tricks, mindsets tweaks and other tips for getting to the gym when you don't always feel like it.
A detailed look at my current lifting program, along with a hefty dose of self-reflection.
A decade ago I smoked my last cigarette. This milestone has me contemplating how we change and what I'm learning as I attempt to keep improving.
A book report on "You’re Not Listening" by Kate Murphy and confessions from an aspiring listener.
Here’s the deck I presented at a company talk about health and fitness this week. Also personal records galore!
Palm cooling is a technique for increasing strength, resistance training volume, and endurance. Here's a look at a DIY palm cooling device.
I’d like to see my abs this summer. Here’s how I’m approaching 10 weeks of slowly losing body fat, while maintaining muscle mass, and keeping my energy…
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